Music and smart play. 音楽と洗練された遊びとは…

Build language and listening skills

Explore and learn different beats and rhythm

Learn Japanese and English finger-play songs
日本語、英語、手遊び 、歌遊び

Activate the mind and body

Laugh and have fun

Learn the Benefits of Music & Movement

Our Classes

Each 50 minute family style class offers opportunities that promote and enhance language, physical, and emotional development. Songs and skills are taught each week in a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment using different instruments and interactive techniques. Light stretching and breathing exercises will launch the classes as a way awakening the senses. Parents engage in these activities with their children promoting wellness and a sense of balance. We offer classes in English and/ or Japanese 歌や読み聞かせは日本語と英語があります。
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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is the earlier you introduce and engage your child to smart play, the better it is for their long term development both physically and mentally. Making connections and setting learning pathways from the very beginning is a rewarding endeavor for both parents and babies.